Friday, July 29, 2011

What's Up

We are more than half way done with our 8 week intensive language class. There are some days that i feel like i can't put a single new word into my vocabulary, and then there are days where i spit out a sentence full of new words, and i'm like "where did that come from?" haha

When we finish our class, Daniel and I are going to travel for about 10 days to the mountains. I'm REALLY excited about this. It's a place i've been before and have a huge love for!

And then, the first week of September I am literally going back to school! I will start formal language class at a nearby university. I don't have to pack my lunch or anything, but it has been a while since i've been in a classroom setting. What's weird is that i don't really register or anything for class until the week before. Which for my planner self, is strange. I would prefer to know every detail so i can think about it for the next few weeks and plan it all out. But i guess i'll just have to wait.

Onto running.......

I felt like i was getting into a good rhythm of running lately, but kind of lost it this week. I did The Shred twice this week and only ran 3 miles once. i did get up to run today but it was raining. i don't run in the rain here. The ground is already unlevel and i have to constantly watch where each foot goes when i run, adding rain and puddles to the mix is too much. This may be a bit dramatic, but that's just who i am.

p.s. I just had to look up the word 'unlevel' to see if it was a word. Sometimes i forget what words are in english or i'll say a sentence and be like "wait, is that english?"

pss. Last week Daniel stepped in poop on the sidewalk. The worst part, is that we were  pretty sure it wasn't from an animal. No need to thank me for giving you that visual image-you are more than welcome.

Anyways, i really want to add some mileage on this next week. Less than 3 months ago i was running 12 miles at a time. i need to stop making excuses and just do it.

Our weekend plans include, studying, seeing friends, date night, grocery shopping, and a little rest. You??




  1. I'm sick and was supposed to go camping but couldn't :( so my weekend involves doing assignments and watching too many DVD's based on Jane Austen novels.

  2. Poop on the sidewalk...oh boy does that bring back memories of a walk we took in GZ back in 2008. Ah, yes...Although this most recent trip, I did notice that the sidewalks and roads were much cleaner than in 2008, which was a surprise to me.