Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catch up

I had so many good intentions this past week.

While classes are done at the university, Daniel and I are tutoring during the winter break. But I took this week off from school (minus one class) before plunging right back into it. I had great plans to cook really good meals, blog, and most important, run. I thought I would be running everyday.

But then last week I got hit with stomach stuff. That pretty much took the whole running thing right out of the picture.

I started feeling better on Tuesday. Then the sore throat came, and now my sinuses are wreaking havoc on my body. I woke up this morning thinking the bones in my face and jaw were broken, because of the intense sinus pressure.  I don't feel like i'm dying, so I really don't think it's an infection, just something viral that I have to wait out.

And while waiting, I'm not going to run. Not only do I feel miserable, but it's been way gross out for a few days. The only motivation I have to run, is I'm afraid of losing muscle. I'm not gaining any weight (thought i totally should be), which makes me afraid that I'm losing some muscle mass. Anyone know anything about this??

So today my plan is to sit on the couch and watch movies. I am so ready to start feeling better again. Especially by next's the big one.

p.s. Mom's package came this week!!!!



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