Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meet my Rug

Remember when I travelled the end of October?

Well, I can't remember if I told you, but I bought a rug. I found this little shop that had really cute rugs, and the man designed them himself. Not only were they some of the best I had seen, but they were also WAY cheaper than most other places.

So I fell in love with one design, but he only had 3X5 feet, and I really wanted to use it as a runner for our hall (the wood floor boards have seen better days and we're trying to minimize actually stepping right thru them). Long story short, the man said he could make me a custom rug, any size I wanted and would mail it to me.

Let's just say i was on board!!! I told him the exact dimensions and gave him my address. I was a little worried about if I would actually get my rug, but I had a friend who lived there so I knew if things went south she could harass him for me :)

Anyways....the rug was supposed to be here Nov 21st. That day came and went. I emailed homeboy a few times and he basically said due to some holiday there would be a delay. This is when I started to pray about the rug. It wasn't insanely expensive, but I'm not one to just throw away money either. Daniel and I both started wondering if we would ever see this rug.

And then yesterday happened.

Oh the pure joy!!!!

Please meet my rug.....

ohhh I just love it!!!!

Seriously take a good look. This rug has ALL of my favorite colors...browns, reds, blues and greens. Oh the joy.

We left the hall light on last night just so we could stare at it. It's so pretty!'s washable people! Which makes my life that much easier.......

And while we're at it......I also bought this in October too.

Right now our bed sheets don't match each other, and one day I want to get matching sheets. I'm always torn between blues and greens, so I love that no matter I go with, this wall hanging should match them.

And just for the sake of continuing the randomness, here's a picture of our candy bowl. This is after a week of eating from it.

Plans for tonight? We're going to a friends house to eat and play games. I think most years I'm always a little sad to leave the year behind. But something about this year makes me ready to jump right on into it!



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