Saturday, December 3, 2011

What to say...

Not much here. After Daniel's birthday hoopla, the last part of the week slowed down a little. I had a class get cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday, so I only had to go to 1 class on those days. I was very thankful for the extra time.

Our tree is up!!! I'll take a picture tonight and try to post it later. There was a huge issue with the lights. I found white lights/green wire at a store. I bought 3 packages. Once at home, I realized that one of the strands was out on one package. So I took it back to the store and returned it, but they didn't have any more to buy! So I bought some other white lights/silver wire hoping I could make it work.

I couldn't. And the lights looked silvery and just wrong. I still need to take those back.

So I biked to another store yesterday and finally found the same kind of lights. I bought 3 packages just in case. Luckily they all work, and we put all 5 packages on the tree.

Aren't you glad you now know about my christmas tree lights......

In other news, my oldest nephew who just turned 5 told me this morning that he has a loose tooth. I can't believe it! I mean where has the time gone?? I thought only big kids lost teeth, not cute little babies.

I'm in denial.

I'm also in denial that it has been in the 40's here and I am about to start wearing my thermals. We don't have central heat (and i am way too stubborn to turn on the heaters we do have). But biking has been way cold. I wore gloves yesterday. I was still cold.

And blast from the past, but remember on half-marathon day I said that we helped a friend make sausage???

This was one batch.
(that's Daniel wearing my green apron)

We spread the pork on the table, poked holes in it, pour the seasonings on top, then mix away! We did this for 175 lbs. Okay, I didn't do all 175 lbs because we came late cos of the run and I had to leave early to run errands for Daniel's birthday party.

I have 10 lbs of it in my freezer right now.

Last night I taught an English Corner. We talked about education and played games. And then we tried to bike home before frostbite set in.

Can I just say that our Saturday has been simply wonderful!!?!!? We slept in (till 7) then lounged on the couch drinking coffee, read together, and ate breakfast. We've both studied, decorated the tree, and I might put on a movie. Loving today!!! I haven't had a 'down' Saturday in a really long time!

I also took a mini language test, and it's estimated that I can read almost 500 characters. There are still a few thousand to go....but I'm pretty excited. I feel like a child learning my colors and how to read. But that's how it goes I guess....

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful wintery weekend! Does anyone have snow yet?



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  1. Encouraged by your endurance; excited for your education; understanding denial and renewal; deciding to run albeit I am not a true marathon runner; and, enjoying getting to know and love you more EVERY TIME I read a post.
    Willingly interceding as a servant of the King,
    Donna and Randy :)