Sunday, December 18, 2011

Donuts and delivery

Last Monday afternoon Daniel and I went to a mall in our city. We had heard of a few good stores, so were anxious to look around and just enjoy window shopping. We also took advantage and ate at Subway while we were out there.

We were walking around the bottom of the mall and I spotted this place I had heard about from some friends. It's a coffee and donut shop that has a few locations around town. I heard the donuts were pretty legit, so we decided to try for ourselves.

The top is a chocolate donut, and the bottom one was something like a Boston creme.

Here I am, taking the plunge!

Let's just say it was one of those "This is proof that Jesus loves me" kind of moments. The donuts were not lacking in any way, and had real sugar. We probably gushed about the donuts for a few hours. They were that good. And I'm not even a huge donut person, but having a real just can't pass that up, i don't care who you are.
Luckily, we don't have any locations too close to us, so it makes the temptation a bit easier. The place is really cute with cheap coffee drinks. We didn't try those so that means we'll just have to find a way to go back!

In delivery news...we got a package this week from some friends in the states. They asked what they could send us, and I asked for candy corn. Random, i know. But I've been craving candy corn for the past few months. When I went on my trip the end of October, my friend had a bag at her house and I probably ate half of it (sorry MW!) This is when I knew I needed to get some of my own.
Anyways, so we got our package this week and there were 2 bags of candy corn in it!! I'm in a sugar coma as I type this. PTL for a modern postal system and good friends!

Just a mini version of a weekend rewind....

Yesterday, I went to my friends house and she made lunch. Just like the donuts, you don't pass up an invitation when a local person offers to cook. It's always good!

We had turnip soup, lotus porridge, broccoli, beef with mushrooms, and a veggie medly of potatoes, eggplant, and peppers. (soup and porridge not pictured)

There wasn't really a dining area, so my friend puts this little table on her bed, and we used that. Don't worry, it's sturdier than it looks!

I'm about to watch The Family Stone, and make my shopping list for the week. I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!!!!



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  1. Funny about the candy corn -- that was one thing I so missed while in Asia! It was my first Halloween without any, so now, Nate makes sure I always have a stock to last me through the holidays :)