Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's over

Today was the last day of the semester at school. I had a final yesterday and today. I aced the one today. I don't want to even think about my final from yesterday.

When we first moved here, we started tutoring almost immediately. We went from that straight into classes at the university. It's almost surreal that it's over. Obviously (based on my other final) we're not finished learning yet! I have one tutoring session next week, but pretty much taking the week off from language. Then we'll both tutor during the winter break (which is 2 months), until school starts again the first part of March.

Last night, we were gifted a really nice dinner at a fancy hotel. Here's my dessert plate. It was SO good!!!! (and yes that is foil on the strawberry, i think it was supposed to be decoration).

The hotel was decorated SO nice for Christmas. It was a real treat! There were so many pretty decorations, but I was way too busy eating to get pictures of all of it.

Here we are!

These next few days are pretty busy. Today I'm starting the chocolate covered peanut butter balls. Then tomorrow I'm making stuff for an english corner party we're having, making fudge, dipping the pb balls from today, and saturday i'm making green bean casserole, prepping mashed potatoes, making breakfast casserole, and cinnamon rolls. Basically I'm just going to live in the kitchen.

Also, two weeks today I'll be celebrating the big 3-0! I'm still not sure yet how i feel about it....



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