Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas

It's Christmas Day here! It's actually almost over.......I'm a little sad to see it go. Every year it comes faster and faster. I am okay with it though, because while some people have the post Christmas blues, I just get ready for what I like to call 'second Christmas.' Second Christmas happens 11 days after Christmas day. While very few people realize it is close having a national holiday status, it truly is in my world. Because it's my birthday. So instead of thinking about how i may not have gotten everything I wanted....I just keep looking at the tree, because there's still presents waiting! :)

Yesterday, I spent the day in the kitchen pretty much the whole day. I prepped the green bean casserole for today's lunch, prepped my MIL's breakfast casserole, and prepped the cinnamon rolls for this morning. The cinnamon rolls almost didn't make it, but I am SO glad they did!

I've been a little sick lately. Since Wednesday nite, my tummy hasn't agreed with me or anything I've tried to feed it. I'm hoping it becomes agreeable soon.

Our Christmas actually started when my dad accidentally called us at close to 2am by accident. You gotta love having a skype out number, ha!

But seriously, it started with an amazing breakfast!!!! We had coffee (with new homemade chocolate mint-to-die-for creamer), sausage egg breakfast casserole, and chocolate chip cinnamon rolls.

To die for cinnamon rolls......(before icing)

My mom mailed a package a few weeks ago with the stockings my grandma made and our presents. But we think it's lost in the mail, so I found these stockings for about 80 cents each. (yes I'm pretty upset about the package but trying to keep hope it will come and also remember, it's just stuff......but ya know...)

Our tree!

Of course, we talked to several of the fam this morning....

My new cardi from my in-laws, that is the softest thing evah!!!!! I don't plan on ever taking it off.

Proof that gifts really is my love language....

Daniel was pretty excited too.

The aftermath...

For lunch we went to a friends house to have lunch and spend the rest of the day.  We had the normal, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, and about 50 desserts. I made about 8 dozen chocolate covered peanut butter balls. I really need someone to take them off my hands. We have such an insane amount of goodies.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and Daniel. My birthday is Dec. 30...just five more days :) I always look forward to my birthday because whatever I didn't get for Christmas, I usually get for my birthday.
    Hope you get to feeling better.