Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coffee & Chili's

Ya'll, I promise I will start back to running on Monday. Since we've been home I have been eating well but my body is very aware of the lack of exercise it's getting. promise to you, blogworld, is to get it together on Monday!

And.....cue vaca day 4.

Ya'll know I love me some coffee. And because marrying me has made Daniel a better man, he is now addicted as well. So we were pretty shocked when we realized that almost everywhere in Malaysia serves instant coffee. This is just unreal to me. Even nicer restaurants, the norm was to serve instant (not so great) coffee and if you wanted freshly brewed (ummm yes) then it cost extra and you had to pay by the cup.
Anyways......there was this company that has several coffee and tea shops all over Malaysia that has a coffee showroom where you can sample.

So Tuesday morning we took the bus to the showroom to get our coffee fix. The first sampled I tried looked very carmelly like something was in it. It tasted GREAT, but I was convinced it wasn't just black flavored coffee. So I asked the girl who worked there if they had put anything in the coffee, and she said no, this was it naturally. Me thinking, oh wow! However......then I looked at the coffee they were selling and it was instant powdered coffee that had milk and creamer added. The whole showroom was for instant flavored coffee!!! And when I asked to try the actual coffee beans that they sold, they said they didn't offer samples!!! What world am I living in?!?!!?!?

However...the coffees were pretty tasty so we bought 2 bags to use when we're travelling or don't have time to make coffee at home. Because they were pretty tasty!

After our coffee fix we walked around a bit and looked at some grocery stores. Whenever I'm out of country I always look at grocery stores for special import things we don't usually get.

Then it was time for lunch, and we found the Chili's!!!!!

Chips n salsa, bacon burger, and nachos!!!

After filling our tummies, we went to the beach for a few hours. Then for dinner we went to this little cafe near our hotel that was ranked #1 on tripadvisor.  And don't look too close...I'm not wearing make up.

After such a long hard day, I wanted to get a pedicure, so Daniel did the Dr Fish Spa again while he waited for me.

That was Tuesday in Malaysia! Next post will include a very fun fishing trip!



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  1. There is nothing worse than instant coffee! Yuck! Is Daniel really putting his feet in a fish tank???