Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tired Eyes and Hawker Food

We left our city on Friday, February 17th and headed for Penang, Malaysia for a week of vaca. To say we were ready and looking forward to it would be the understatement of the year. We were SO ready. We left temp's of 30's and 40's and landed in temp's of 80's and 90's. It was perfect! Our hotel was right on the beach, we were surrounded by mountains, AND we had a balcony!

We didn't get in to our hotel till after 11 pm, so there isn't really anything worth talking about other than we flew Thai air, and seriously I could talk forever about my love for this airline. They have wonderful coffee and customer service!

Anyways, after sleeping in till who knows what time (seriously it seems so long ago I can barely remember), we headed out to explore and find food. What's weird, is that most breakfast places didn't open till after 10 or 11. And even though we'd "slept in" we were still up and about looking for breakfast before 10 am.

We found a nice little restaurant that was open, quite literally in fact. Almost all of the restaurants had one side completely open to the beach.

Here's Daniel enjoying some type of fruit juice.


Ya'll, look at my poor tired eyes, and this is with make-up! Clearly, homegirl needs a vaca!

We decided to walk around and explore a bit. We were both extremely excited to see sunshine and mountains. We could not get enough.

We also found this!!!! Yum!! Fresh fruit...fresh!!!!!

I visited this stand several times throughout the week to get a smoothie, and we ate their once (they had a small restaurant too).
For dinner, we tried a Lebanese restaurant.

The food was good, but we quickly chose street hawker food over restaurants after that. The hotel we stayed in was on the street of the night market, and there was a huge area of street vendors each night serving Indian, thai, chinese, western, desserts, etc... We ate there a few times, it was SO good!

We walked thru the nite market and found crepes! I was extremely excited because I haven't had a crepe since I lived in Belgium, which was oh about 20 years ago. So I had to get one! (the reason I haven't had one since then is because all the places that have them put fruit in them...gross. They are best when served with chocolate! (and ice cream)

Then I was quickly converted from crepes to Roti's. Oh my goodness a chocolate roti! (Is the last post on detox starting to make sense now, ha!)

This was day 1 in Malaysia. Stay tuned for day 2!



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  1. I'm currently being considered for a position in Panang! I can't wait to continue reading about all of your experiences and impressions of life in that city. So glad you're doing vaca there right now.