Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Go Fish

Daniel and I (mostly me) wanted to do one excursion or little activity while we were in Malaysia.

We found a really good deal on a half day private fishing trip. We had a guy take us out on the water, give us lines and bait to fish, and then brought us to a small private beach where he cooked lunch for us. It was a pretty sweet deal.

These pictures aren't great, I was just pretty excited to be out on the water and see green anything.

Our guide gave us fishing lines with 2 hooks and shrimp for bait. We were pretty surprised how much fish we caught!! I'm sure our guide thought we were a little crazy, because each time we caught a fish I screamed and took a picture. Clearly, we're first timers.

The first fish I caught was a poisonous blow fish. It actually "blew" it self up when I caught it. Again, this caused some screaming because I thought it was a self-defense mechanism and was going to explode fish guts all over me.

Here's Daniel catching 2 fish at once!

Look at all our fish!!

After an hour or so we docked at a small private beach and our guide cooked us lunch while we hung out.

It was so yummy!

Good thing we aren't vegetarians, because it was nothing but meat!!

After lunch we walked by the beach and these sneaky monkeys stole our bag of snacks. This is why I really don't care for monkeys. (which totally random, in my class this past week we did a book on monkeys)

I can't believe this was just a few weeks ago!

I don't have a single picture from our last day. We pretty much slept, ate, and hung out at the beach. I haven't been feeling oh so great since getting back to our city...mostly sinuses from the weather I think. I'm hoping to get some energy and breathing ability back soon so I can run. Because for the love I need to get back into it.

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!



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  1. I loved getting to see you all enjoy the ocean..the sunshine...and, all the GREEN and BLUE! We love you all, and are praying that this time away was refreshing to your precious spirits. :)
    Love, Donna...and Randy