Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Ramble

I rarely do bullet in honor of St. Patricks Day here ya go!

- I ran yesterday for the first time in 5 weeks. It was my FIRST time to not wear a watch while running.

- Daniel travelled out of town for the last few days, so I took advantage of the opportunity to not cook and watch Annie. I love that movie!

- I've started showering (when I shower, ha!) at night. I used to think people were crazy for showering at night, but honestly it just fits my schedule so much better. AND I hardly ever straighten my hair anymore, so it doesn't matter if I sleep on it. I've really embraced the natural wave lately.

- When I put the knives away in the silverware drawer, I always count them. I have this strange fear of losing our knives or that somehow they will go missing.

- I've seen sunshine the last 3 days. Which equates to a weather miracle here. It's amazing how much sunshine can lift your spirits!

- Our TV has been broken for a while now. And it's a monster of a's the old kind that sticks out about 2 feet in the back. Anyways....the landlord brought us a "new" (to us) smaller TV. However it's still huge and he asked us to store the broken (never going to work) TV in our storage room.  When we asked if we could just throw the old TV away, he gave us a look that was priceless. So guess where the TV is?

-  I forgot it was St. Patricks Day today, but luckily when I remembered I was still in my sweats and green T, so I was good to go.

- I made a green smoothie today and it was a complete failure. Our blender didn't really blend the spinach and it kept leaking so I had a mess to clean up and a really chunky smoothie. So I made mac n cheese instead.

- In our city, we can get a lot of things delivered right to our door. Today I ordered butter and whipping cream, and then a salad for dinner. And most places don't charge for's pretty sweet!

-So I might've embraced the pumpkin a little too much. I have BAGS of pumpkin puree in the freezer. Is it okay to make pumpkin bread in the middle of the summer?

- I made Smore cookies for Daniel tonight. They taste good but....they turned out pretty flat. And honestly, the Smore is so good by itself I don't know why I'm trying to improve it.

That's my ramble! What is everyone doing for st. patricks day??



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  1. Mac n cheese sounds like a perfectly reasonable substitute for a smoothie!
    I shower at night too. I like to get in my jammies all clean!