Monday, March 5, 2012

Mind the GAP

Okay, so one of the big reasons we chose to go to Penang, other than being able to afford it (ha!), was that it had a GAP and Chili's. Who wouldn't want to go on vacation and eat real american food and buy real american clothes that fit?? Exactly.

So....the mall that had the GAP (and I thought the Chili's but had Friday's instead) was about a 2-3 hour bus ride away from our hotel. Sadly, it was probably only about 30-40 miles, but taxi's there are way expensive and buses are cheap. So we took a bus for the first hour and tried to get on the next one, but it was really confusing and we spent a lot of time looking for it, so we got a taxi the rest of the way.

Anyways......we hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet (shocking i know), so we decided to do it up start I got a pretzel from Auntie Anne's-for a $1 people!!! $1!!!! is that normal???? I felt like I just got the deal of a life time.

anyways....Daniel got a hamburger meal from McDonald's.

THEN.....we finished it off with donuts and coffee.

Those donuts you see in that picture are the FREE donuts that came with our coffee-that we didn't know about. This is after we had already eaten the donuts we ordered. Waste not :)

The mall we went to is HUGE!!! It had over 5 floors and each floor was so big that the ends were labeled, N, S, E, and W. We started at the top floor, walked completely all the way around one side then made a second loop to see everything on the other side. I refused to miss anything. And we're pretty sure we walked at least 5 miles.

Anyways...after one of my many bathroom stops (and note to Malaysia...please provide toilet paper in your public restrooms in nice places), I came out and saw Daniel and for some reason just the way he was standing with the coffees and this cute smile....I had to take a picture. His adorableness is just too much.

And the point of all of this, is of course....The GAP.

Sadly, it all went downhill after this picture. I had such high hopes. But sadly, this GAP only carried really nice work clothes and none of their basic items or anything that really resembled the GAP, other than their jeans (which I just got 3 pairs of so...) It was also the size of a shoebox. Here's the low point....I didn't even find a single piece of clothing I wanted to try on. I know, I know......

Luckily, the Body Shop was there to rescue me and take some of my money.

After dinner at Friday's, we took our very tired selves and rode 2 buses to get back to our hotel. It has been a LONG day. Fun, but long! We did find some cute clothes though at some discount stores. One store even carried Target brands and had the exact same pair of shorts that I bought at a real Target, and had actually brought on vaca with me. Small world.

I was going to do two days in this post, but who knew I could talk so much about the GAP? :)



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  1. I love hearing all these tidbits of info on the culture and shopping. It makes me so excited to come see you!