Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fish Spa and Sunsets

Day two of vaca was similar to day 1. Eating, walking around and exploring, and eating some more. I forgot to say that we did spend a few hours at the beach both days.

After breakfast on Sunday, we walked around for a few hours and explored.

And yes, we're both still tired. It took a few days....

And yes, we are wearing the same thing we wore the day before. We usually wear things 2-3 times in a row where we live, so it only seemed natural to carry this into vaca.

After breakfast, we walked along the beach and saw a sign for a waterfall near the hills, so we followed that path for a while. While we never actually made it to the waterfall, we had the best time just being out in nature and feeling the sunshine.

This morning, ended up being one of my favorites.

After walking around for a few hours (and getting a little sunburnt), we decided to eat...again.

I ordered this fruit platter, and it is seriously the largest bowl of fruit I had ever seen! It has fresh mangoes, green grapes, strawberries, and pineapple! It was soooo yummy!!! And the strawberries were some of the best I have ever had!!

We spent the afternoon lounging around at the beach and reading.

We watched the sun set over the hills/mountains before heading to dinner.

Where we live, we rarely get to see the sun, let alone a sunset. We were pretty thrilled about it!

Dinner was a mix of Indian, Chinese, and roti's!

After dinner we went to the Dr Fish Spa...anyone??? They have these places all over Malaysia and other places in Asia. Basically you put your feet in a fish tank, and the fish nibble on your feet. We only did it for 30 minutes, but some people do it for hours. It's supposed to be good for your health, but we really just wanted to try it for fun.

Daniels' feet:

It didn't really hurt, but it did feel SO weird!!! It kind of tickled, but you could really feel the fish giving you little bites. I was laughing and screaming so hard, it felt so strange!!

Look at then just gnawin away!

I would put this in the most fun we've ever had category. It was so great try something new!!

Class starts back tomorrow morning, so it's off to bed for me! Good nite!



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  1. I love that you wear dangly earrings to go hiking!
    And fish spa? Interesting!