Friday, September 28, 2012

21 Week Recap

Hello Big Mama!!!! Again, I would like to say that I do feel a lot smaller than I look, ha! I can't believe how fast my belly is growing. It's so surreal.......
I know that my belly has to get bigger, but seriously I can't even imagine it! The good thing is that most of my maternity shirts are all too big, so at least I have something to grow into it. I'm all about having goals.

How Far Along: 21 Weeks

Size of Baby: 11 inches long, about a pound....about the size of a pomegranate

Weight Gain: 6 pounds!

Gender: GIRL!

Movement: Everyday, she's been moving a lot today! I love it!

Sleep: So much better! I love my body pillow, and have been sleeping really good!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity pants, with normal shirts

Symptoms: Dry skin, crazy dreams

Aversions: none

Cravings: Food. Chocolate, desserts, anything unhealthy really.

What I miss: This week I really missed living close to my sister. This morning I called Sarah and told her that her niece was moving around all over, and she said "your niece is too!" It's fun that we are both pregnant with little girls, but I do wish we were closer to go thru it more together.

Best moment of the Week: My mom bringing us the cutest clothes!!!

What I'm looking forward to: Not sure?? Just continuing to feel our little girl move around and eating I guess, ha!

Since my mom has been here this week, I have never felt MORE in the baby bubble. She insists I hold on to someone when we're walking outside, and said when I get further along she doesn't want me to leave the house alone...she's afraid I'll get run over. I think the traffic here has scared my mom a little. But seriously, I'm lucky if she lets me carry anything heavier than a piece of paper. It's nice to be pampered, but I have to keep reminding her that when she's not here, I do carry my own groceries home :)



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