Saturday, June 1, 2013

Around the House

Paige has found her thumb. And honestly, I think it is adorable! It's so cute! She mostly sucks it when she is tired. Sometimes if she is in and out of sleep we'll see her on the monitor sucking it too. So sweet.

Last night she was being super fussy. Daniel went to english corner and I put her in the bouncer. I think she knows I have my limits because she calmed down pretty quickly and then fell asleep. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. 

She's been trying to roll over and getting pretty frustrated when she only gets about halfway. She cranes her neck all the way back and gets on her side but won't roll over all the way. She did roll her bottom half from back to front-so that's something.

Cherries are in season here and I love it! I always eat a few pounds every season, they are so yummy!

I've started taking baths with Paige. It's so much easier to bathe her, and I really enjoy it. However.....she has peed twice in the bath water, right when Daniel was lifting her out. Then last night, she spit up as soon as she got in. Not only was I covered in spit up, but at the end of the bath I realized there were white chunks floating in the bath water. Ewww.

We spent the morning watching news reports and making sure our families were okay. Daniel's family lives in the Norman/Moore, OK area and my family lives here St. Louis. Both of our parents had tornadoes near their homes at about the same time, so you can imagine we were pretty concerned. We're so thankful everyone is okay!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



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