Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paige at 4 Months

Paige turned 4 months this past Wednesday. I can't believe she's 1/3 of the way thru her first year. Is that crazy to anyone besides me??? How do I keep her from growing up?

4 Month Stats:

Weight: 14 lbs (6.5 kilos), 50%
Length: 24.8 inches (63 cm) 75%
Size Diaper: She's in the Fuzzibunz smalls, and Pampers Small at night
Size Clothes: 3-6 months, she can fit into her 3 month pants, because this girl (like her mama) has a long torso but stubby little legs. 
Sleep: She sleeps 12 hours at night, with 3 naps during the day. Her first nap is always about 2 hrs, then her last two are 45-60 minutes.
Feedings: I just dropped the dreamfeed!! So she now has 5 feedings at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 4:45pm, and 7:15pm roughly. Paige has always been a very fast eater. A feeding takes her about 10-15 minutes.

I looked into doing the baby led weaning when she starts solids, but I don't feel like I have enough information to do it here. But I'm not planning on starting solids till at least 6 months. My doctor here said we could wait till 8 months if we wanted, no problem. I'm not in a huge rush at all. I'm still debating about skipping rice cereal too. Call me a rebel. 

This month Paige starting really laughing for the first time. She doesn't do it every day or all the time, she makes us really work for those giggles. But when she does, it is so cute!!! Her morning smiles are our favorite! Every morning when we wake her up she is so happy!

She doesn't wake up during the night anymore at all. Last month she was still waking sometimes to "talk" to herself. I can't remember the last time she did that. She does suck her thumb a lot in the crib though. It's still insanely cute to me, and I'm grateful for her ability to self soothe :)

This past month we've started using our Ergo carrier more regularly. Overall, I would say Paige likes it. It's getting pretty hot here, so I'm not sure how she'll do with the heat in it, but for short distances or if we're inside someplace it's pretty convenient.

She's getting more hair and we think it has a little red in it. 

This is completely random. But I've noticed Paige doing her fingers a certain way-she tucks her thumb underneath her two fingers. What is CRAZY is that I do the same thing when I sleep. I don't do it every night, and neither does she. But how insane and cute is it that we both do it??

Paige hasn't rolled over yet. I think she will walk before she rolls over. She loves to stand on her legs while we hold her arms. We still do tummy time, and she tolerates it. She still likes her activity mat, but is getting pretty frustrated that she can't get the hanging toys in her mouth. Which is where she puts everything these days! We got her a new teething toy that we can put in the fridge. She loves it, but still gets frustrated when she can't get it in her mouth exactly the right way. She has been very verbal about her frustration.

That's Paige at 4 months!!!



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