Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our First Date

Well, our first date since having Paige! When we were in the States my mom watched Paige a few times while we went out. But now that we're back to real life in EA, a date takes a little bit more planning. We've been back about 10 weeks now, it was time for a date!

Daniel surprised me with these flowers. They are beautiful and still going strong!

A very kind friend of ours offered to watch Paige for us. Since it was her first time to give Paige a bottle, and for someone else to put her down for the night, we didn't want to wander too far...just in case.  We knew she was in good hands though!

The weather was perfect that night! We walked to a local restaurant near our house that we had never tried before. We got beef and peppers, with fried cabbage. It was pretty good....a little spicy but that's what our city is known for!

I did check my phone several times to make sure I didn't miss a call from my friend, in case of a problem. After dinner, we walked to Starbucks. It was a holiday this week here, so it was insane!!! But we were able to get comfy chairs, so I consider than a win, ha!

We actually ran into some friends of ours who were also out on a date. At 8 my friend txt me and said Paige took her bottle, was asleep, and to stay out as long as we wanted!! I felt so much more at ease after that. Once Paige is asleep, we can count on her being out for the night.

Daniel and I had a great time! I'm so glad Paige did well! It was a great night, with perfect weather and amazing company! 

This week we also celebrated our 4 year anniversary of getting engaged!



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