Thursday, June 6, 2013

Playin Around

I've had such good intentions about blogging this week. But to upload pictures from my phone and the camera, then resize them so Blogger will be happy, just takes more time than I'm sometimes willing to give.

But tonight-Paige just went to sleep and I've got a few extra minutes to spare.

If Paige is going to be fussy, it's without a doubt from 5-7pm each night. We try to come up with things to entertain her. A couple of nights ago she was fussing and I suggested we put some music on to see if it would  entertain her. Daniel got his computer out and for the next hour or so we both walked down memory lane and had one of the best times ever!

We realized that we both had the cd Never Say Dinosaur. It came out in the 90's and I had almost every song memorized back then. I haven't listened to the cd in close to 10 years (my cd was actually stolen when my car was broken into. this was before Itunes, so it was long gone.) We put it on and I was shocked to learn that I still knew every word! ahhhh the 90's. And Paige was entertained I'm sure.

(this is a Laura face, if I've ever seen one)

Tonight we took Paige out to the little playground in our apartment complex. As soon as we sat down we were surrounded by grandma's and their grandchildren just oohhing and ahhing over the little foreign baby. One grandma kept telling her 2 year old granddaughter to touch Paige. She kept saying "touch her! touch her!" over and over. In any other situation, this might be awkward. 

It made me think about the questions we get here about Paige. We get the exact same ones all the time. 

How old is she?

Is she a boy?

Do you breastfeed?

Do you take care of her yourself?

I always get these questions no matter who I'm around. Tonight a lady asked if I took care of her, and when I said yes she said I was very talented. It struck me how odd that would be if I asked a stranger in America if they raised their own child, then told them how talented or capable they were. 

The breastfeeding question is ALWAYS asked. And a couple of times I didn't understand what they were saying, and then they go straight to charades. My life is never boring. 

In completely unrelated Paige news.....I tried a new recipe this week. Every once in a while I like to have a vegetarian meal and change things up a bit. This week we had onion-zucchini-red pepper frittata and asparagus. We do love us some asparagus! The frittata was good, but next time I would cook it longer to really get it to brown on top. 

So seriously, I have a couple of blog posts swirling around in my head, I'll try to keep posting!


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  1. Hey Laura, I am a random reader of your blog. I was just wondering if you could elaborate on people asking if you care for her yourself? What is the norm where you live? They hire a caregiver or something? I haven't traveled much and I am so curious!

    Paige is so beautiful. Very happy for your family!