Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 1=Done

Today was day 1 of running. Remember, I have to run twice a week to get a "reward." 

When I first started out I almost quit. Running is way more mental than physical. 

I got a horrible sidestitch halfway and had to walk for a minute. But I did run almost 2 miles! It was slow, but  I did it! 

I read this article today. I thought it was really interesting, because until today I was in the camp of a mile is a mile, no matter if you're running or walking. I don't think there is a huge difference as far as overall calorie burn, but yay for the running afterburn!

Tonight, a friend is coming over to watch Paige while Daniel and I go out for a date! It's our first date since we've been back-over 2 months. And it's Paige's first time with someone other than us or my mom. i'm excited/nervous to see how it goes. 
We're not going too far or for too long, since it's our first night away. I'm pretty excited. Especially after today. Not sure if I'm just tired or what, but it was barely noon today and I was done.

Speaking of...she just woke up! Gotta go!



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