Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Father's Day

Today was Daniel's FIRST Father's Day! I might have been into this day just a smidge more than Daniel. I love the planning, gift buying, and making little things special.

I made cinnamon cake for breakfast and don't have a pic. But it was delicious!!!

Paige looks a little confused.  But oh so adorable!!! I had another dress picked out for her to wear today, but it was a little too big. And seriously how cute is she?!?!!? Seriously, I die. This morning it was all I could do to not take a thousand pictures of her. I think these colors look really good on her. 

We had a fun day celebrating Daniel. Daniel is not so much gifts as he is words of affirmation, so I wrote a note to go along with a book I bought him. I know I don't say it everyday, but he is a wonderful dad and an amazing example to Paige. 

(love her face!)

Paige took a great 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. She usually misses her first naps in the morning on Sundays, so we get rewarded with really long naps in the afternoon. It's really nice!

I asked Daniel what meal he wanted for his special day, and he requested pizza.

I mixed things up a bit, by adding whole wheat flour, wheat bran, flax, and red pepper flakes. I generally don't add these, but it all turned our really good. Homemade pizza is one of our faves. Random memory, but when we were in the States I still always made the pizza dough from scratch. I'm not sure if it just never occurred to me that I could buy premade dough or what. 

I made this for dessert. It's bff Amy's recipe and it's so good. It's one of our faves! I love how easy it is to make too. We don't have whipped cream or cool whip here so I used a Dream Whip packet. We don't have graham crackers here either but there's a local brand that tastes pretty much the same. I also halfed the recipe, because seriously if we had a 9X13 I would eat it all!

(pic from

Daniel's currently reading his present. It's a book called Language Death. It's about languages. He's into it.

We had a great day! I'm so thankful for my own dad too! He calls me Weasel for my nickname. And I've found myself calling Paige that too. I will say that having kids makes you appreciate your own parents so much more! When I think about all they have done for me, all the sacrificing, and unconditional love....I'm grateful in a way that I cannot put into words.

Happy Father's Day!!!




  1. What recipe do you use for your pizza dough? i've been trying to find an easy one without a bread machine to make.

  2. Yes, she IS the cutest. Mercy, she's adorable! And her little hand on your arm?
    Yummah, that pizza looks delicious! I might need that crust recipe...
    Happy Father's Day, Daniel!