Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Rewind

First, a little rant.

I've been a pretty faithful Office watcher for the first 7 seasons. Once Michael Scott left, I didn't really keep up with it at all, and I was okay with that. But then. The Office had their season finale and it was ALL OVER  my twitter and facebook feed. Everyone was talking about it. And it was what they were saying that caught my eye. I read things like "best season finale ever," "i cried," 'i loved it, was so moved." 
So of course after reading this over and over I decided that I must watch the last two seasons, just so I could really get to this amazing season finale. (see where i'm going with this?)

So Daniel and I have been faithfully watching the last 2 seasons over the last few weeks. Friday night we watched the last few episodes, including the season finale. When it ended, the first thing I said was "I am so disappointed!"

There was no big twist. No big surprise. No big lookback at the previous seasons. Michael Scott was barely mentioned. I was never even close to crying. People, i was not moved. If we're going to talk amazing Season Finales, it should be Friends. I've watched it several times and love it every time. Right now, I could care less about the Office. Honestly, it just made me want to go back and watch the older season when Michael was on, because I felt jipped. 

Okay, rant over.

So that was Friday night. 

Saturday, we went out for breakfast. I was calling it a breakfast date, but I've realized that if Paige is with us, it's not so much a date. Especially if there is spit up and changing diapers involved. Not that I don't love bringing her with us, but let's call it what it is. It's a family outing.

Paige took a little nap in her stroller while we ate. I got my usual, french toast, and it was amazing!!!!

Saturday I also taught Paige a trick. I'm convinced she is the smartest baby in the world. She was on her changing table and I was just making noises to entertain her. I put my lips together, blew out, and made a noise that sounds a little like a fart. Anyways....I was changing her diaper and she started copying me! She put her little lips together and started making the noise too! So of course, for the next several hours, we kept making the noise, watching her copy us, and laughing. We have a video of it, and it's adorable. The last two days, she'll do it randomly, then give us a huge grin as if to say how proud she is of herself. It's beyond adorable. I love watching her process it all, try to get her little lips to make the noise, and then get so proud of herself when she realizes she did it! Daniel is also teaching Paige how to bring her hands together, like a clap. 

Yesterday we were coming home after having lunch with a friend, and Paige was SO tired. She had missed her nap and just couldn't take it any longer. 

Have I mentioned how cute she is when she sucks her thumb?! And does she look huge here???

The weather here is pretty warm, so Paige has been wearing lots of little onesies. Today was her first time to wear this from Auntie Sarah.

(it says Auntie loves me)

Not related at all, but last week I met Daniel's new tutor. She thought I was 21. Score.

Then 2 days later I was at a little store and they were having a sale. I wanted to try on a dress that was on sale, and a shirt that was regular price. When I asked to try them on, the lady looked at them and said I couldn't try on the dress that was on sale. I asked why not, thinking maybe they didn't let people try on sale items? She looked at me and said it was too small for me. Ouch. 

**Someone asked me about the question I get here about if I take care of Paige myself. 

There are a lot of moms here who work full time. Usually their parents or in-laws will watch the baby while she's working. Or, it's pretty common to have a househelper who cleans and also takes care of the baby. Some of the househelpers work all day long, including evenings. 

I think it's interesting that this is considered to have someone else taking care or raising the baby. I know lots of people in the States who work full time while their child is in daycare or a family member babysits for them. But I would still say that they take care of and are raising their child. Personally, unless the child is living somewhere away from the parents, I would say mom and dad are raising the child.
But here it's just different. From what I understand, whoever takes care of the baby during the day is who they consider raising the child. 

Tomorrow, this happens. I'm excited, and so ready!

Also, this past week had a couple of big days for us! June 5th was the day I found out I was pregnant last year. 

June 7th marked our 2 year anniversary here in East Asia!



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