Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly RUNdown

Ya'll know about this.

I decided my weekly recaps would be called Weekly RUNdown's. It makes sense.

So....this week I ran twice-Tuesday and Thursday. I got up at 6, pumped, then ran. Tuesday's run was a little hard. I knew I wanted to do 2 miles, and it had been a while since I'd run last and is still the furthest I've gone since having Paige.

The first mile was slow. I had a sidestitch and kept wondering if I would be able to make it. With it also being the first real run, I kept wondering if I would be able to do this or not. 

I made it thru. Slowly, but I did it. 

Thursday I was not expecting a good run. We got home late the night before and I knew I was tired. Surprisingly, I didn't feel that tired when I woke up. It did hit me later on though. I planned on only running 1.5 miles on Thursday. I didn't want to keep pushing it and be frustrated with my time. Because I knew it was a shorter distance I was able to run a little faster. Still not where I was pre-baby, but every little bit counts. 

I felt great after Thursday's run! I was proud of myself for meeting my first weeks goal and pretty excited to draw one of my rewards. I really do live for rewards or any sort of treat.

These are my Reward Cups. I have a Weekly Rewards and a Monthly Rewards. I wrote my rewards on slips of paper and put them in the cups.

Reward for the week: Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino

I actually enjoyed yesterdays run so much that I thought about running today. I didn't really have time though and it was about 1000% humidity. And I showered yesterday and didn't feel like showering today. No reason to overdo it. :)

Next week, my plan is to run 2-2 milers on Tuesday and Friday.

Thanks for following along!



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