Saturday, November 27, 2010

The day we gave thanks

i had an AMAZING thanksgiving!!! It was filled with friends, family, food, fun, and fellowship-all of my favorite things!!!!


And if i was ever going to announce that i'm preggers, this would be the picture i would use. fact: i'm not pregnant, but for some reason Grant felt the need to point to my tummy.....

me with the boys! as always...Ethan is saying 'cheese!'

Sarah, Grant, Ethan, Daniel, and I headed to Daniel's parents house by 10 am. The house was ready for a party!

i thought this was so cute!

We invited our international students to share the day with us and were so excited that 2 could make it! This was their first American Thanksgiving!!

Sarah and me!

   Cousin Travis...

Random shots from the day.....

I told Steve to act natural...

There is just something about holidays and babies that i think just go together. You can't help lovin on a little baby around the holidays......they are for some reason just extra precious and cute!

I love thanksgiving with family. We grew up living away from extended family, so we always celebrated with whoever was around. These last 2 thanksgivings with Daniel's family have filled my holiday love tank. i love just listening to everyone share their stories from growing up or memories of past thanksgivings together...i soak it all in and relish it. And having Sarah and the boys with us was just the icing on the cake. I had the perfect day. I'm thankful and my heart is full!

Love to you all!!


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