Sunday, May 8, 2011

Road Trip Day 1

We got up yesterday (Thursday) morning and pointed our little car straight West. For about 9 hours.

We didn't see a lot on the drive. But it was exciting to drive through 3 states in one day: Oklahoma, TEXAS!, and New Mexico. It was my first time to actually go thru Amarillo. I kept singing that country song "Amarillo by morning...." and Daniel had no clue so it was kind of lost on him.

The drive went surprising well and felt quick. We took turns driving and appreciating the scenery.

Once we pulled into Santa Fe, things  got a little 'rocky.' I booked us a discount hotel online because i an be very cheap sometimes and really wanted to save money. Let's just say after a few minutes in the hotel (and realizing that the amenities listed air conditioning were false) we went somewhere else. We had enough rewards for a free night at a nice hotel down the street. It was really MY issue that i had with the hotel. It was pretty grody and the service was less than desired. So bless Daniel for his willingness to move hotels at the breaking point of our starvation.

By the time we had checked into the new hotel, it was way past dinnertime and my stomach was actually cramping from hunger. Then we got lost for about an hour. Sweet right? But we did get to see where the locals in Santa Fe live and realize that none of their streets make any directional type of sense.

We finally made it to our destination...Tune Up Cafe. Shady looking from the outside, but one of the best meals ever on the inside. Seriously, if you get a chance..GO!

Then we (me) had the brilliant idea to go to the town square and walk around. I've heard there's cute shopping and fun atmosphere. Almnost 2 hours later, we finally found it. So at least i felt good about walking off everything i had eaten for dinner.

Oh to be at the mercy of strangers to take pics of you.

Ah well......

Friday we spent a few hours in Santa Fe, then drove to Ft. Collins to hang out with Chelsea & Dom. We're having a great time hanging out with them and will def blog about our weekend. Stay tuned!




  1. Ya'll are SOOOO cute! Hope you have fun on the rest of your trip!

  2. I love Santa Fe & Ft Collins. Its exciting just to know that you are in my part of the country and seeing things I know & love! :) Can't wait to see you guys!

  3. I was laughing so hard on the picture taken by strangers. So funny!