Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Road Trip day 9-11

We got to my grandparents house in Marquette Thursday night and hit up the Bonanza. We spent the rest of the evening catching up and filling in Daniel on old stories and family jokes.

Friday was pretty gross and rainy. We drove around the Island, but it was too wet to get out and really look at anything. We had a relaxing day and then met up with some family for Friday nite fish fry.

Grandma, Aunt Mary Gail, Uncle Bud, Uncle Mike, Aunt Dottie, Grandpa, and Daniel.

We had the most fun this night! Uncle Mike is always making us laugh! My face almost hurt from having laughed so much! We had such a great time hearing all the old stories and catching up!

Saturday i ran in pouring down rain in 20/30 degrees. I didn't realize it was raining till i got outside and by the time you're already dressed and ready you might as well run! I did less than 3 miles. When i turned around halfway i was pretty miserable and so over the rain. But i did make good time because of it.

Speaking of running, i forgot to mention that i'm in LOVE with sweatybands! I've heard TPG and others rave about them, and i am SOLD! I've run in mine several times and love that it doesn't slip and really keeps all my bangs and little whispy hairs back.

After thawing out from my run, Daniel and i headed up to the town 'mall' and walked around for a bit. Not shocking, but we ran into my other Grandpa while there. It's a small town.

Saturday night we went to the church Bible study, and met a lady that is also probably a cousin. Are ya'll seeing the pattern here? :)

Sunday morning Daniel and i spoke at my Grandparent's church. They were very encouraging and it's always fun to share with others. We made another trip to Bonanza for lunch then enjoyed watching the OK Thunder grab the W in game 7.

Today we spent the day with my Grandpa & Louise from Big Bay. We drove around the bay, then hiked up a small mountain. There are SO many pics so that will have to be a separate post. But we did stop here for mom worked here when she was a teen.

We're hanging out at McDonald's right now burning up their WiFi. It's hard to come by up here in the UP. But they make up for it with the Great Lakes.....



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