Saturday, May 21, 2011

Road Trip Day 13

13 days already, i know right, how long is this road trip?? ha!

Daniel and I went spent Tuesday morning downtown Marquette. They have really cute shops, bakeries, pubs, and touristy things to do. It was still in the 40's, but the sun was out and it didn't feel too cold.

We went to my fave place, Donckers. It is a candy shop that has been in town for about forever, my great grandma, grandma, and mom all grew up going to it. Isn't that crazy?? I always hear the stories of the fountain shop cherry cokes, amazing fudge, and old timey fun atmosphere. I make sure i always go there at least once when i'm in Marquette.

For lunch we went to a really cool Irish pub, called Wild Rover. They have so many unique dishes! I ended up trying the potato pancake w/ bacon and cheese, called a Boxty. I definitely had leftovers! And Daniel had the best EVER fish and chips. I wish this restaurant was more local to us, bc i would be there all the time!

Tuesday night we went to the youth guys Bible Study and shared with them. High school boys are a complete different world to me, i kept thinking 'oh my gosh, i might have one of these in 15-20 years, what will i do???' haha But they were so fun and gracious to us!

Here are some random pics from the rest of the week:

Pasties are huge in Upper Michigan. This is Daniel's first taste, he's a fan!!

Grandma and Grandpa!

This is my Aunt Cindy...she is a HOOT!!! She always has us laughing. She has run 13 marathons. I would love to be able to run just 1! She's so cool, and so fun to be around!

More to come from our travels back through Missouri and Arkansas!



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