Monday, May 9, 2011

Road Trip Day 4

There are WAY too many pictures from today so i'll try to be brief. In my words, not the pics, ha!

Today is Mother's Day. It was kind of fun/strange to spend it with another couple that doesn't have kids. Don't worry, we called our mom's.

Daniel playing with Barley.

Ready to leave for church...

I love to renact senior photo moments. Chelsea was sweet to indulge me.

love this girl!

After church we headed to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. I actually went to Estes Park for the first (and only) time 10 years ago when i flew to Wyoming for my friend, Shelly's wedding. Sidenote....i get to see Shelly TOMORROW for the first time in 10 years!!!!!!!

We have had BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend in Colorado-high 70's and loving it!

The lovebirds.

At lunch in Estes Chels and I got flowers for Mother's Day.

Random, but there's this fudge shoppe called Laura's in Estes, and 10 years ago i got my picture taken exactly in this same place. Picture me without bangs and pre eye make up discovery.

After we walked around and ate our way through Estes, we drove up 10,000 feet in Rocky Mtn. Natl. Park to admire the snow and mountains.

Love this view!


It was kind of weird to be surrounded by snow but walking around in flip flops and shorts.

Look how high these drifts were!

We threw some snowballs and just played around for a while.

She's such a ham!

We love it here!!!

Chelsea and I are both bff with Amy. We wish she were here hanging out with us.

(it says 'hi amy')

We're sad our time with Chelsea and Dom is coming to a close. It's been so good to talk thru things in life, stuff we have in common, hard areas of life, and just goof around and have a good time. Tomorrow, we'll head to Wyoming to hang out with Shelly and Matt! We're so thankful for our friends that open their homes to us and treat us like family.

Love you guys!

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