Sunday, May 15, 2011

Road Trip Day 6 & 7

When we left Wyoming on Tuesday morning it was cold and it snowed later that day. We drove to Nebraska to see some family and it was 95. Go fig.

Sadly, this is the only pic i took on Tuesday. We had such a good time chatting it up with Daniel's cousins once we got to Nebraska, that i forgot to take any pics!! But we did have a wonderful time and loved seeing family!

It was a long drive to Wyoming. I've realized on this road trip that most gas stations have coffee stations with coffee mate creamer options. This works well for me on the road since i'm a coffee creamer addict. Nothing like finding good news like this weeks before leaving the country. Score.

Also, i have ALWAYS wanted something with my initials or monogram on it. This is the closest i've come so far, ha!

WISCONSIN!!! woo hoo!!!

We got up early on Wednesday to drive to Green Bay. For those of you who don't know, my mom's side of the family are HUGE Green Bay Packer fans. Like legit fans. A few of our relatives live one block away from Lambeau stadium. I'm pretty sure Green & Gold runs thru my veins. I have a cheesehead. There is no shame.

After getting to Green Bay, we headed to the only logical place.

I kind of entered a cheesehead high if you will. I was instantly giddy and talking nonstop about how great the Packers are, their history, the many Superbowls, my pride to be Nothern and so forth.

We ate at Curly's Pub INSIDE the stadium. i was pretty much beyond ecstatic at this point. It's like the place where dreams come true, ha!

Tuna melt with cheese, yes please!

I might've peed my pants a little from the excitement. ha, kidding.

After one of the best nights of my life EVER, we caught up on TBL at the hotel and stayed up till midnight talking. Our lives our changing drastically in 3 weeks, we have talk a lot about it, ha!




  1. ps...Staying up talking in bed is an excellent recipe for a life-long marriage! :)Don't lose that! :)

  2. ps...that advice was given to me by some famous singer on the radio but I like it. Are you loving all this comment love...obviously my brain doesn't finish its thoughts before pressing enter. :) Ha!

  3. Go Green Bay! I read Mike your whole blog, because like yourself I consider myself "northern!!!"