Saturday, May 14, 2011

Road Trip Day 5

We woke up  Monday morning and drove to Laramie, Wyoming to see Shelly & Matt. Shelly and I met our freshman year in college. We lived next door to each other. Shelly got engaged and got married summer of 2001, and I flew up to Wyoming to be in the wedding. That.was.10.years.ago. 10.

We hadn't seen each other since and i was SO excited that schedules and time worked out for us to see them! They have 2 really cute kids that we loved getting to know!

ummm can we say adorable?!?!

It took him a while to warm up to us, but we had so much fun when he did!

We went to Vedauwoo, which is a cool boulder/climbing/hiking place. It was getting kind of cold, but that didn't stop Daniel or Matt from scaling the big rocks!

After dinner, we played Just Dance on the Wii. Being that this was only my second time to ever use a Wii, i felt pretty good about how i did. Daniel, on the other hand schooled us and won every single game. This is my all time fave pic from the night.

Daniel and i loved hanging out with Shelly and Matt. I like to also refer to them as 'our kind of people,' -similar outlooks on life and desire for others to know and walk with Father. I love spending time with other couples who have kids, to learn from them, glean from their experience, etc...We loved Wyoming and can't wait to go back!




  1. That last picture made me laugh out loud! :) Thanks again for coming! We love you guys!

  2. The pic of Shelly's little boy- can we say ADORABLE!!!! I want to kiss & pinch those chubby little cheeks!!