Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Trip Wrap Up

AKA days 15-17.

We left Thursday morning from  Upper Michigan and drove to Springfield, Illinois to stay the night. We got up early the next morning and drove to St. Louis to visit my grandma and aunt.

Here i am with Grandma Shirley (dad's mom). I hadn't seen her in about 15 years! It was so good to visit and have some time with her.

After a short visit, we got back in the car and drove to Eastern Arkansas to see friends Kirk and Carly. Remember they just got married not too long ago.

We ate pretty much the whole time we were there. Look at this food!!!

These veggies were cooked over the grill and i could have eaten all of them!

We spent the evening just catching up on life and enjoying being around good friends. There house is SUPER cute and Daniel and i struggled with not stealing it from them, ha!

Carly & Me

Kirk was called in to work Saturday morning, so the three of us just hung out and drove around to see the thriving metropolis of Wynne, Arkansas. Sadly, we had to get on the road to head 'home' to Oklahoma.

Our road trip was so much fun and i'm so thankful i was able to see all of my grandparents during this time. What's kind of funny is that Daniel and I drove about 3,000 miles over the course of the trip, went thru 12 states, had about 8 full days of driving, and only had music on for about 2 hours during that whole time!! We really just enjoyed the scenery, talking with one another and enjoying the time we had.

We are SO thankful to our friends and family who graciously hosted us and blessed us so much!!!

We had a great time, but are SO glad to be in our own bed, even if it's only for 5 more nights.

I'll be doing a post in the next few days to kind of update ya'll on where we are at in our move and that.



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