Sunday, May 8, 2011

Road Trip Day 2&3

After a great night sleep in our clean hotel in Santa Fe, we got up Friday morning and went to the gym to get a quick run in. Later i found out that we had just run at 7000 feet. Go us! We didn't even notice the difference!!!

About to get on the road!

We took our time getting ready and enjoying Santa Fe, then hit the road towards Ft. Collins to see our friends Dom & Chelsea! The view was SO pretty!

I LOVE state line signs!

Friday night we got to Ft. Collins and were met with a delish dinner at the Adamo's! We spent the evening just hanging out talking, catching up on each other's lives, and was perfect!!! It's so easy when you're around people who 'get you' and you can be on the same page with.

After a great night sleep, we got up and had a scrumptious breakfast of pigs in a blanket and scrambled eggs. I was thankful that Dom/Chels are coffee just never know with some people. It's really the little things that solidify a friendship. :)
THEN, we hit up REI...our FAVE!!! I loved shopping there with Chels & Dom because they are both pretty laid back and it's good for me to be around people who don't plan every part of the day (like me, ha!).

After REI, we walked around Old Town and visited some cool local places.

Here we are with Chelsea & Dom!

I loved walking around Old was the cutest place with tons of fun shops and restaurants. If we weren't already moving, i could see us living in a place like Ft. Collins. Nature is right outside their front door! They have bike trails! Seriously.....

We ate at Big Al's for lunch-yummy!

We had such a great day walking around and taking it easy. I need more days like these. We've had the best time!

Tomorrow is church and Estes Park. I'll try to get more pics of us tomorrow. Stay on the edge of your seats!



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  1. Awesome! I LOVE Ft Collins too! Have fun tomorrow!