Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Trip Day 8

We got up Thursday morning and spent a few hours driving around and seeing Green Bay. We might've gone back to Lambeau field again.

SO proud!!!

Go packers!!

When we were done swooning over the stadium, we drove up to the U.P.-upper peninsula. where my grandparents live in Marquette, Michigan, anyone every been?? It's amazing and the people have the for real northern accent and say things like 'oh yeah you betcha.' It's so much fun! A ton of my mom's family lives here, and i'm pretty sure i'm related to most of the town. Case in point, we went to dinner last night at the Bonanza, and as we were sitting down a lady came over to talk to my Grandma, and then we realized we are more than likely related.

It's been rainy and cold here, but i'm hoping the sun comes out in the next few days so i can show Daniel the wonderful place that Marquette is. We used to come up here as kids and have the best time!

More to come from the UP!



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