Friday, October 1, 2010

help a sister out

Speaking of awkward....

Ya'll know Sarah AKA my sister?

We go way back.

We're both new to the whole long distance running thing. Sarah has always been in good shape, but we're exploring this new world of running and racing together. It's not uncommon to compare what we eat, when we eat, what we wear, how we felt, and all the other details that go along with this new uncharted territory.

Which brings me to Sarah's email yesterday.

 (I did get her permission to post this)

and i quote:

"So dilemma is I only have 1 pair of running shorts which I can wear my regular cotton underwear with. When I wear my yoga pants or running capris I can't wear regular underwear becuase of underwear lines. What do you do? Do you run in shorts all the time? I am thinking of getting another pair of running shorts. Mike thinks when its cold I will want to wear pants. But most marathoners wear shorts only even in Jan.   What do you think?"

I emailed her back and told her "real athletes don't worry about panty lines."

She disagrees and has googled to see what people do, and is getting a mixed response from the Internet. shocking.

so i told her i'd ask her question to all my blog friends who run, work out, or have ever worn any type of athletic clothing and get your thoughts.

do you worry about panty lines when you're running/working out?

if so, what is your solution?

do you think Sarah is as weird as i do?

and GO!


  1. Although your post is a little embarrassing, I am hoping some running friends come up with some good ways to run comfortably with no panty lines!! It's funny you think I am crazy, because this is a genuine concern of mine...

  2. First off--yes, girls do worry about panty lines even when working out!

    As for what do with running, I don't wear underwear when I run in my pants--does that make me slutty? But I'm married!
    I used to wear underwear with my pants but I HATED the panty lines. So I just took the undies off. ANd honestly, it's sooo comfortable! I don't have to worry about my underwear riding up my butt and then being embarrassed if someone catches me picking my wedgie. I run in pants a lot because I go in the early mornings...try it once, you'll never go back!

  3. Awesome idea and I am going to try it! Probably shouldn't let everyone know that I will try the no undies, but running is serious business! :)

  4. i don't think this is a weird worry at all! i regularly consider my behind when cladding it in spandex!

    i usually wear running thongs - i know, weird, but they make them also to wick sweat and it's pretty incredible.

    the rest of the time, i don't worry too much and wear whatever i have on. but for long runs, i always wear my running thongs...

  5. I've ran with and without skivvies in my running tights and prefer without. Like NWoaB, the riding up and ultimately picking out is very frustrating and a lot more embarrassing than the off chance that you will wipe out somewhere along your route and emergency techs will rescue you only to discover you are pantyless.

    And you thought you were weird. :)