Friday, October 15, 2010

100th POST!!!

Woo hoo..................................ME!


but seriously 100 posts. Sadly there won't be a great theme to this post, so i'll hit the high notes.

Yesterday, we had an earthquake in Oklahoma and we evacuated our building at work when it happened.

Walk with me down memory lane a few years....I was in a very traumatic earthquake and witnessed entire villages and homes completely flattened, mountains that had fallen, and almost 100,000 people who had died from the EQ. I went thru hundreds of aftershocks for months.
I self diagnosed myself with post-traumatic stress disorder. I have/had all the symptoms.

so even though yesterday was a small EQ, i almost fell apart. I couldn't stop shaking or reliving what i had already been thru a few years earlier. I tried to keep it together, but just ended up going in the bathroom and bawling.

The people at work don't know/understand what i've been thru, so i was afraid they would think i was losing my grip if they saw me fall apart over the small EQ yesterday. Thus the bathroom trip.....And I have to hold myself back when i hear people talking about how something fell off their counter and act like it's a huge inconvenience...perpsective people.

(i know i can't expect people to understand something they've never experienced, i really try to remember that.....honest, i just need to vent a little)



yay Caroline!!!!!!!!!! there is really nothing like spending time with a best friend. and since i don't really have any friends here ( i think i've mentioned that?) it makes these times even MORE special!!!!!

Caroline is driving up tomorrow and we're going to talk and hang out and eat and laugh and then eat again!!! I can't wait!! I haven't had some good quality time with her in a couple of months, and i love seeing friends in person!

We've both had crazy weeks and i love that we get to detox and unpack our emotions together this weekend. can. not. wait!


- i ran 6 miles on Tuesday and hoping for 3 tonight, before the 10 on Saturday...then TAPER week!

- today is Daniel and I's 11 months married!! i emailed him today and told me we could have a 2 month old right now....hahahaahaha!!!!

- much do i not like the 3 pack of guys alliance?? ohhh the drama! i don't know if i've ever seen game play this early on before. who are your faves so far??

hope everyone is having a good week!!



  1. I'm so sorry about the EQ that you experienced a few years back. That would be scary and I think you have the right to go in the bathroom and cry! My husband works at OU and he said his co-workers went outside to look around. I thought that was so stupid, they should have been under desks! I was scared at home!

  2. Happy 11 months, and get to workin on that 2 month old!!! :o)

    TBl... my favorite is Ada... she's had such a horrible life, always being told she is a failure. Also, Aaron... he needs to be there and I love how he LOVES his little boy! The trio of men can ALL go away.... they are driving me crazy and getting really cocky!