Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I tried to come up with a different title other than "random."

but here it goes:

- TBL is tonight, who's excited?? the first few weeks are always harder for me to get into because you don't really know all the players yet and i need to emotionally connect with them. even though i already cried last week. i expect i'll cry tonight.

- last night we went to a couple's house that we met at our church. we enjoyed great (and needed!) fellowship and yummy food! they had probably the best homemade ice cream i have EVER had!! it took everything in me not to eat all of it. i'm not kidding. words can't even describe how wonderful it was!!

- I really want Sarah to start a blog. i've been after her for a while now and she always says she has nothing to blog about. yet, she constantly calls me and tells me funny things that the boys are saying or doing. i end the convo with "blog it."

- i have the running bug? itch? i'm not sure what to call it. i am craving running! time keeps me from giving in to the addiction, but i have a short run tonight and can barely wait!!!! i credit it to the cool weather and the new shuffle. i just signed up for my first half marathon.

- it's been in the 40's the last few days in the mornings. it's been crazy wonderful. i actually got too cold last night in our house. who would've ever believed those words would come after this insane summer? bring on the fall!!

that's my Tuesday tidbit for ya....what's random in your life today?

and bc i love pictures-here i am almost 4 years ago holding Grant (he turns 4 on Monday!) and i used to dye my hair black..


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  1. I can't believe how little Grant was. It has been a fast 4 years. I am running my 12 miles tonight so I have TBL on DVR.
    If you start the blog, like put up pics, and organize it all, I will blog. I just want to get on and write, not all the other stuff.
    Love you!
    My random thoughts- Grant loves Humpty Dumpty right now. He can't say it correctly so he goes around the house saying Humpy Dumpy! So funny!