Thursday, October 21, 2010

weight loss problems

Weird topic, i know.

But i left work early this afternoon. I'm still not feeling well and if anything, worse. Rather than bore you with the details of my day and how many times i've blown my nose......we'll talk about how it can annoy me to lose weight sometimes.

Here's why.....

I bought all my work dress clothes around the same time....did i mention, it was also at my absoloute heaviest weight-wise. But i never liked buying clothes that were too tight, in hopes that i would lose weight and then they woudl fit. i'd rather just buy clothes that fit me.

Fast forward a good 6 months or so, and i've lose 20 lbs. whhooooo me! however, i'm also insanely cheap (remember Dave Ramsey) to just go out and buy new clothes. especially because i clearly remember how much i paid for my dress clothes just a few months earlier. and i'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I didn't mind shelling out the extra money for nicer clothes, because i knew they were quality and would last a long time.

They would last a long time if they fit me.

So i took them to have the waste taken in. Last week I took a pair of dress pants in for the THIRD time and the alteration lady told me she couldn't really do too much more bc the pockets were practically touching.


and then i think about how much it costs to have pants altered 3 times, and in retrospect, i probably should've just gone out and bought some cheap dress pants. Another reason i'm afraid to do this though, is bc what if the weight comes back? what if i get hurt and can't run anymore? what if i start getting comfortable and gain 5 pounds back? which in the big picture isn't the end of the world, but it's a constant mind game i play.

i've never been a huge weight fluctuator to begin with, so my closet isn't really filled with several sizes. though that would be nice right now, ha!

I have been going back and forth between being annoyed that i am wearing frumpy clothes to work and excited about the weight loss. I hate working all day in clothes that are too big all over and feeling frumpy all day long. Which leads me to getting annoyed.

I read a blog recently and she mentioned more specifics about Dave Ramsey and their cash envelopes. I emailed her to get more details and i think we're going to start actually putting cash away every month into a clothing envelope, and that way i won't feel bad spending money on clothes.

We already budget every month for clothes, but rarely buy anything, so it has just stayed in the bank.

Those are my random thoughts for tonight......

Daniel bought me a milkshake to help me feel better, and as we all know...calrories don't count when you're sick :) And HGTV makes everything better!

but seriously, keep praying that i feel better. i'm starting to get freaked out about the half marathon on Sunday. i haven't run all week.




  1. First- I hope you feel better soon! No one is allowed to be sick for the Half.
    Second- We do a clothing envelope! It's great because we go months without buying anything and then all of a sudden both boys will need new shoes at once and I don't feel bad using the money to buy it.
    Lots of vitamin C & D and lots of sleep!!!

  2. We use an envelope system too...but we don't have a clothing one. We should. Unfortunately it ends up just coming out of other stuff which then I always feel bad about. If we had an envelope for it then I wouldn't feel bad! Great idea!

    I totally get ya about the clothes not fitting. You should start looking for a good consignment store. I have sold a lot of my too-big clothes at one and got a few things there too. I got a pair of Express dress pants that look like they have never been worn, ever...for $4! I was so pumped! And I've made about $60 selling stuff! :)

    I hope you feel better!

  3. I, um, don't know you. So this comment is probably creepy. I actually don't know Caroline either, but one day I was bored at work and clicked on one of the links on her sidebar and arrived here. Anyway, my fiance and I have talked about having a clothing budget. The envelopes drive me crazy. This is probably because I'm constantly forgetting where I set my purse, but we do have careful allotments for things, or rather will have since we aren't working out of the same pile (ha!) of money yet. Anyway, we've allotted clothes money. It seems like you have to, especially since, like you, I have a distinct inability to pay more than about $12 for any one clothing item.

    Anyway, sorry if I creeped you out. I'm not scary. Of course, I suppose even scary people say that, but I'm really not.