Saturday, October 9, 2010


i really have no idea if anyone enjoys reading these posts or are bored to tears.....BUT this is all still so new to me so i have to talk about it on the blog and with anyone who will listen for hours at a time.

you're welcome.


so last night i was totally not feeling the long run today. i had no desire and because i took the day off i just wanted to sleep in and enjoy it. but unfortunately time is not on my side to i needed to do 12 today if i hope to run the half in 2 weeks.

That said...i always eat a peanut butter toast before heading out. i usually wait about 30 minutes or so to let it digest. not today. i ate and went running. and i paid for it.

I have a 4 mile route and i loop it 3 times so i can get my water or gatorade in between each loop. Well my first 4 miles felt like miles 5-8. I had a side stich for 3 miles and it just kept getting worse no matter if i slowed down or drank water. Finally at mile 5 i had to walk for a few minutes. if i didn't get rid of it, i knew i'd quit.

My second loop (miles 5-8) weren't too bad. i had my water bottle and felt ok.

THEN the start of mile 9, it happened again! (remember) that blinding pain in the lower left side of my abdomen? it came back and lasted all of mile 9. i was not happy. i shuffled along thru it because i had to.

sidenote: the last few runs my hands mostly and a little of my arms get really tingly and almost like electric shocky....anyone??? what is going on???

The last few miles were pretty slow. I ran out of water-not fun.  I was SO tired and my feet/toes were killing me. and it was getting warm. I finished at 10:15. but i finished :)

I'm pretty happy that i was able to finish and run 12 freaking miles!!!!! but i need to put more planning into it for having enough water and eating with enough time before the run.

i am so so so so so glad it's over, ha!! now i get to enjoy the rest of my day.

p.s. after a run longer than 10 miles i pretty much hobble around the rest of the day. I stretch before and after, but still walk like an old person for several hours.

mom and dad are on the road and i need to get ready!!!!

speaking of can i PLEASE just brag about my mom?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

SHE RAN HER FIRST MILE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! GO MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom started running (for the first time in her life too) right after the 15K. and she is doing SO good, i am incredibly proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said it again and i'll say it before.....2010 is China's year of the Tiger....2010 in the year of running for my family. woo hoo!!!

have a good one!!



  1. Yay for mom! I know she has been running, but I didn't not know she accomplished the 1st mile! Let me know how the birthday shopping goes!

  2. Good for you and your 12 miles - way to hang in there!
    Okay, you need to be stretching. While your muscles are still warm - that's what counts. Really stretch your hamstrings! I like to lie on my back with my backside up to the wall and legs straight up in the air. The wall gives you support. This will really stretch out your hamstrings and hip flexors. Stay here for about 10-15 minutes. Be careful getting up!
    You might consider a foam roller. You can pick one up at Target for about $20 and they are invaluable! Your best friend and your worst enemy. It will really help get all the knots out!