Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I know, i's Thursday!

But let's backtrack a little bit anyways.....

Saturday morning I met up with long-time friend, Jen. We've actually known each other for over 10 years-we were in the same small group at Welcome Week in college. but we didn't really hang out much during college and thought the other person was a snob.
2004-we end up working together and become instant friends!!!!

I was in her wedding, she was in get the picture...we're close :)

We met up at our all time fave place... Chick fil a.

here's Jen:

One thing i love about our friendship, is that it doesn't matter if it's been months or years or days since we've seen each other.....we instantly pick right back awkwardness, no weirdness, i love it! We stayed and talked for a few hours, and i knew it was really just the tip of the iceburg, bc we could've shut the place down really. But sadly life calls.......

and so does cake!

Grant "made" me a cake to help me feel better. We all know the devastation of my wedding cake, so i think my mom let him do this one to make it extra special. And yes, that M cake topper is a fridge magnet.

and because i was surrounded by cuteness the whole weekend, i just can't not share these pics!!!

Daniel & Grant

Ethan (not sure if he's trying to be scary?)

We all played lego's with Grant......yes, Sarah is wearing my shirt. not shocking....actually Daniel and Sarah are both wearing my shirts!!!!! good thing i'm so naturally selfless.....

Me holding Daniel's robot....minutes before the big robot fight of 2010.

Daniel, Mike, Grant (i was impressed!)

I made this....after following step by step instructions that came with the legos. i'm not creative on my own...i need steps....

Me and Ethan (forgive the no make up, i had just ran 13.1 miles peeps!!!)

Weekend plans??

We're having a couple of our intn'l students over for games tomorrow night. Saturday i'm sleeping long run planned!!!!! (but i secretly want to run 10 while Daniel gets my oil changed)

Then we're going to the OU game this weekend-it's my first home game, i'm pretty excited!!! Not excited that the game doesn't START until 8:15PM....but what're you gonna do right??

And Sunday of course, i'm taking my sabbath and resting!

what are ya'lls plans???

oh yeah, it's halloween....anyone???




  1. I'm going on a bible teaching camp at a great site next to the river. It's going to be awesome, relaxing, fun and challenging all in one. A group of 10 friends are coming too so I sense some laughing til my sides hurt coming up.

  2. I am SOOOOO stinkin' proud of you and completing your first half! You are a rockstar, look great, and ran when you were sick. Yay laura!!!! PS- i can't believe Grant is 4. I remember when he was born and we were stuck in training...