Friday, October 1, 2010

one of those nights

I'm sitting here mostly in the dark of my living room with one lamp on.

Processing through the week and what's left of the day. Daniel was in bed before 8. if that doesn't say anything about our week i don't know what does, ha!

Just a couple of random thoughts tonight:

I get free lunch.

Like, every day. I get a certain dollar amount to use once a day at a several fast food places in my building at work. Places like Chick-fil-a, Wendy's, Quiznos, and a few others. I'm still in complete shock that i don't weight 200 lbs. it is a daily struggle between knowing what i should eat and what is available to me to eat :)

i let myself eat chick-fil-a at the most once a week. sometimes i never eat there. which is saying a lot, considering in college it wasn't strange for me to eat there 3 times in one day. it is my absoloute favorite place to eat. but watching my clothes get looser is a much better feeling that downing a coke!! (that's what i tell myself anyways, ha!)

for the most part, i get a mini tuna sandwich from Quiznos with a cup of soup or Sun chips. i love tuna!! i eat it almost every day and have yet to grow tired of it.

i've lost almost 20 pounds this year. you can't really tell though because i gained almost 10 pounds last year when i moved back to the states. It wasn't until last December that i realized the numbers i was seeing on the scale were real and not just a cruel joke.

i'm hoping to lose 1 pound this next week to put me at 20 pounds lost. it's a weird feeling. i haven't weighed this since i don't know when. it's also weird because i feel like i eat more now. mostly because of the running, i'm still able to enjoy things i like every now and then.

if running means i get to have dessert, then bring on the miles!!

weekend plans??

possibly going to an inter'l event tomorrow night if we have time, 11 miler on Saturday (if i don't die), hanging out with the fam to watch the OU/TX game (BOOMER!), then a date on Sunday with Daniel.

sorry this post is random and all over the place.

it's been one of those nights...


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