Monday, October 4, 2010

weekend rewind

You know the drill...

Friday, Daniel and I ended up having an almost evening at home. a very much needed evening at home i might add. We ate our leftover poppyseed chicken, then hit the grocery store to stock up for the week. Our schedule has been changing almost daily so it's a lot harder now to plan meals, bc we'll plan on being home and it seems like lately something is always coming up last minute to change that. oh well, what can ya do?

After groceries we came home and played a little Would You Rather then were in bed before 10....

....which means we were both awake by 6 :)

I took my time getting ready for the big run, and eating my new staple of pb toast before heading out.

I ran 8 miles then Daniel joined me on the last 3. I felt so so so good during the run! i really think i could've done 12, but since i didn't have to, i didn't, ha!

i love having long runs when i make good time and don't have to struggle too much. Of course I gulped my water, gatorade, and chocolate milk for the few hours following the run. legs are hurting today. but i love a little soreness to remind me that i'm strengthening and changing my body for the better. it makes it all worth it!

After the run we made some quac and headed to Daniel's parents for the BIG game...OU/TX...AKA the Red River Shootout!!

i struggled for a bit on who to cheer before cos i technically claim Texas. But i have way more OU shirts and (bc of Daniel) know more about OU than TX.

We ate amazing food for lunch! I ate a lot and wasn't ashamed, i mean hello! i had just burned over 1000 calories before lunch :)

here's a few pics from our day..

Daniel and nephew J

sidenote: I feel like Daniel's face sums up our week. SO SO tired, but happy to have made it thru!

Mel, Jared, and Laura

Steve, Jason, & Zach

me and my man-(i love how i look, but daniel has the double chin)

so we retook it!

and if you don't know already...WE WON!!!! The 4th quarter was a complete nail biter!!!! it was a great game to watch, and glad we walked away with the W! here we are showing our happy-we-won faces....

We got home around 8 and struggled to stay awake till 9, oh i wish i was kidding about that statement!

Today, we went to church with beautiful fall weather! It was in the 60's and 70's and i loved every second of it! This afternoon we had a mini-date and tried a new (to us) pastry and coffee shop, then hung out at Borders for a bit to read.

The Amazing Race just ended and we're winding down the evening to start all over again next week :)

what did ya'll do this weekend?



  1. A couple things...Ethan has the same Elmo phone that baby J has. It's a favorite, you should make sure you have one when you have a little bambino.
    I didn't know you drank choc milk? Is it a recent thing?

  2. my husband and i are also early to bed, early to rise kinda takes a lot for me to be awake until 11 p.m. ! my friends think i'm old (i'm 26!)