Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Ya'll already know who came to town this weekend!!!!!


(Christmas 2006)

While we were eating dinner (lasagna) on Friday night Daniel's parents stopped by to say hi. Which was so great, because while Daniel sees his dad almost every day at work, i don't get to see them all that often.

We all went to bed by 10 because we had all had a week!!!!

Saturday morning i was up early and got my last long run out of the way. Then we had sweet rolls and healthy breakfast sausage. and we literally just hung out. it was so nice to just talk and cry and laugh and eat without having to be somewhere or do something.

Caroline and i spent most of our day other than a Chick-fil-a run and Academy stop at the house. Looking through magazines, talking, "detoxing" as i like to call it, and sharing what is on our heart.

We didn't take a single pic on Saturday.

Sunday, we went to church and snapped a lot of pics to make up for it......

heading out to church (i love Caroline's sweater wrap!!!)

we didn't love the lighting indoors, so we tried more outside

I LOVE going to church with Caroline and Amy. I have so many memories of the 3 of us sitting next to each other, singing, praising, and learning in church together. Having Caroline next to me on Sunday was such a great moment.

I kind of felt bad that we didn't do anything amazing while Caroline was here....but i'd take great conversation over an activity any day. I love that we can be honest with one another and encourage and admonish one another. Her friendship is truly a gift.

After devouring taco soup for lunch Caroline headed back to Texas. Thank you for driving to see us Caroline......i love you!!!!!!

Sunday night Daniel and I had a date and went to Outback.

(ignore the white idea)

My hot date:


- the Half Marathon is this Sunday...PLEASE pray that it won't rain (there's a 30% chance). i've never run in the rain and i don't know what i would do.

- i'm also not feeling well. PLEASE pray that i'll be feeling better quickly....i think it's sinuses....with a mixture of being worn out. (i had a really bad dream last night so sleep wasn't easy). I want to be feeling my best for the run on Sunday.

-My 2 year old nephew Ethan just called me to sing 'Happy Birthday," it's just precious!!

-I'm watching TBL right did Anna lose all the weight if she's still having trouble walking?? i'm uber interested to see how this goes down tonight.

-Dave Ramsey rocks my world. We paid off my car 3 years early and hope to be completely debt free by March-ish. while i hate debt, i LOVE paying it off. i get a thrill seeing the numbers go down :)




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