Friday, October 8, 2010

guess who's coming to town?

not Santa Claus, although that would be nice....

close.... these lovely folks!!

Mom and Dad are coming up tomorrow to stay till Saturday! I took tomorrow off so i can

a.get my long run in on Friday so i don't miss 3 hours of time with them on Saturday

b. have more time with them on friday

c. do i really need a reason to take a day off from work? :)

I'll start the day off tomorrow with my first 12 miler. honestly, i'm not really feeling it. i get scared when i've had a few good runs, cos i keep expecting a bad run eventually.

Then i'll come home and get ready for mom and dad.

It's moms birthday tomorrow also!!! so of course we'll be going out to celebrate that!

Saturday, i'm attempting to make Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Chunk Cinnamon rolls. yeah, read that again without drooling!  mmmmmm!!!!!!!! seriously i've been looking forward to making these for weeks!!!!

We'll prob just hang out on Saturday and catch up. We've been having beautiful weather but too busy to get out and enjoy it, so hopefully we can find time to enjoy it this weekend.


- while running on Tuesday night this young boy (7?) was riding his bike straight towards on coming cars and then eventually me. He would ride straight towards us then barely stop or cause us to slam on our breaks. Having this happen mid run totally rattled me. I looked him straight in the eye and said DON'T do that.

I kept running and then he came and rode along side me and asked my name and told me his (did he miss the "don't talk to strangers" lecture??) i told him again he should stop riding into people like that bc he could hurt someone or himself. he apologized then rode off.

it was weird.

- i had a dream last night that my dad was captured by aliens from Neptune and my mom had an addiction to Nyquil.

- I've officially (as of today) lost 20 lbs this year. I really would like another 5, but we'll see.

- TBL update: i was so tracking with Jillian when she told the girls to get over themselves trying to be friends. Lose the weight then have a lovefest. totally.



  1. Have fun with your parents!

    I wondered what you thought about TBL.... some of the guys are making me kind of mad.... they definitely think they have it in the bag!!!

    Congrats on your own 20 lbs... you look MAHVELOUS!!!

  2. That is so exciting about your weightless!!! Keep posting updates about it and your running, maybe I can use it in February as motivation after I have our baby! :)