Tuesday, October 12, 2010

weekend rewind

Well you already know how my Friday morning went.....i ran.

After the run, I came home cleaned and got ready for mom and dad!

Daniel came home from work and we went to eat at one of our fave's!!! It was Mom's birthday so she chose......RUDY'S!!!! I grew up some in San Antonio, so we went to the original Rudy's all the time. It is amazing BBQ and the best creamed corn you've ever had. i promise. best ever.

 I ate my weight in BBQ.

Mom-i told her to "look really happy you're here"

Daniel making his cool guy face...

For mom's birthday, I surprised her with my 'famous' (ha!) White Almond Wedding Cake. ( i made it for superbowl this year)

this is me yelling at dad because he wasn't singing....

isn't she cute? some people say we look alike, ha! (as in complete twins)

sadly this is the only pic of my dad this weekend...idk why

We stayed up talking and catching up, then hit the hay because let's face it we're old and we always go to bed early.

Saturday...ohhhh Saturday!!! I had this amazing plan to make the pioneer woman's chocolate chunk cinnamon rolls. Note that i said cinnamon. So in my mind i'm making cinnamon rolls with chocolate chunks. welll......my mom and i started making them and ran out of vanilla....trip to the store #1. Then almost 3 hours later (it was supposed to take less than 2), we ran out of powdered sugar for the icing. trip to the store #2.
And then i got cranky and snappy bc i was STARVING and my icing looked nothing like the picture on her website.

anyways.....we finally eat. and they don't taste like cinnamon rolls at all. and it hits me......the title of the recipe is Sweet Rolls. what the heck is a sweet roll??? is that a southern term??

so it should've hit me earlier that since i never added cinnamon that i wasn't making cinnamon rolls. sometimes i'm a little slow. well i don't know if i've ever had sweet rolls before, so it was a weird experience. i might have also been slightly annoyed that i spent 3 hours of my life making non-cinnamon rolls. i don't blame TPW, but i try my best never to blame myself, sooooo........ hhaahhaah!!

anyways.........this is what they looked like left over the next day. they actually tasted better as leftovers.

We spent the rest of the day literally laying around and just hanging out. fun times. I needed the down time.

For lunch, i made a version of Kelly's Enchilada Ring. i say a version bc i double the sour cream and roll the crescent rolls in crushed tortilla chips before putting them on the pan. it's one of my new faves. and everyone i make it for begs me for the recipe. i wish i could take credit, ha!

At one point sarah called and i told her we couldn't talk bc we were eating, and she was like "again?" yes....i ate the whole weekend and enjoyed every bite of it!

My parents had to hit the road bc dad is a pastor and needed to get back that night.

On Sunday we took 2 of our students to a party in the park our church was having.

Do you notice anything about this picture??

They are the colors of a stop light! i didn't notice till our student pointed it out. very clever!!

After hanging out for a bit, we settled in and watched The Amazing Race. I'm so glad it was a non-elimination!! i really like the father/son team and the dr team-they're both really nice and i want them to stay in as long as possible.

Work was insane in the membrane (as caroline says). i mean, crazy. so glad to be home.

that's my weekend!!! what did ya'll do??

p.s. poor Grant has bronchitis on his birthday!!!! he keeps going around saying "i'm four i can do this on my own now" how cute!!!



  1. Mm, you makin me hungry! Have you ever tried Fage Greek yogurt? I use Fage 0% plain Greek yogurt in things that call fir sour cream. Can't tells diff, it's fat free, sugar free and loaded with protein - try it!

  2. I laughed so hard at the stoplight comment. So funny!

  3. I miss running! Did I tell you I hurt my hip somehow? I'm totally frustrated by it! I've been stretching it everyday & think its better but then I go for a run & it hurts for three days again! I may need to go to a doctor...I dont know!

    You are adorable! & you and your mom do look alike! I know I met her once...do you remember that? Well...this isn't at all how I remember her...you are both adorable!

    Glad you had a fun weekend! Matt was in class all weekend. I hung out with my mom. Hung with friends for most of Sunday. Made a no-bake pumpkin cheesecake which was pretty good & our staple enchilada dish.

    Didn't run twelve miles...wish I did! I miss it so much Laura. Going tomorrow night. Hoping the stretches have been helping...I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. What a fun weekend!! Eating is my favorite activity, by far....

    My dad is a pastor too!! :)