Friday, November 12, 2010

Always Random

I'm in the middle of finishing the camping trip post, but pics are at home (i'm at work) so i thought i'd do a little snack of a post.

So the bathrooms at the campsite had water but no soap. If you know Sarah, this is not ok. Well she went in to use the bathroom  (not her first trip in) and when she came out there was some handsoap in a bottle with a papertowel next to it. (the bathroom didn't have papertowels, which should've been her first clue....)

Sarah walks up to the hand soap, and in a voice i totally wish you could hear, she said

"Well, don't mind if i do....." And dramatically picked up the soap and used it. RIGHT then a lady comes out of one of the other stalls and was like "oh, you can use my soap i guess. But could you please leave my papertowel?"

cue Sarah's mortification.

She is already easily embarassed, so this was classic!!!

Also random.....

When we went to the OU game not too long ago i brought a little shoulder bag thing. like very small. Daniel told me several times that they are weird about bags and i might have trouble getting in.

Whatever, I tell him. Girls have to be allowed to bring bags in.

The guy who took my ticket freaked out and was like "you can't bring in a backpack!!!" I was like clearly, this is not a back pack. And tried pulling everything out so he can clearly see that i'm not a risk to anyone. Then he gets this other guy involved to try and determine if my bag was a purse or a backpack.

One guy reasoned that bc it had 2 straps it was a backpack. reallly???? how many 1 strap purses have you seen??

They get ANOTHER guy involved and he makes the final decision that this is indeed a purse.

Because Daniel loves me he didn't give me a hard time about it, but let's be honest, tables-turned i would have, ha!

Running tonight, hopefully 4!

Also, black bean quesadillas for din din. PURE delight i tell ya.....

We layer our torillas with black beans (smashed), grilled chicken, green peppers, cheese, tomato, and (me) black olvies. Then grill that bad boy. It is seriously one of our all time faves. promise me you'll try it.



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  1. We love doing black bean quesadillas minus the black olives. I was MORTIFIED when I realized the lady in the bathroom heard and saw me using her soap. Hopefully she appreciated my cleanliness!!!