Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pioneer meets Awkward

Look, it's the Pioneer Woman!! and look, it's me!!! we're totally hanging out!!!

But seriously, TPW was in town speaking today, and i took a couple hours off from work so i could go hear her. I was SO nervous the whole day cos i was so excited about seeing/hearing her. I can't remember the last time i came close to seeing someone famous!

She talked for about an hour, then took Q&A for almost an hour. (i did feel SO uncomfortable when some guy went on and on and on about his sisters blog and trying to get TPW to read it.....we all were in pain). But she was just delightful and very down to earth. i think we're meeting for coffee next week. you think i'm kidding. ha!

anyways, even though i was only on the 5th row, my pics came out pretty bad. i blame the lighting.

She was talking straight to me here....

She signed cookbooks and things afterwards. I don't have her cookbook, so i just awkwardly introduced myself, ha!

I had a great time and can't wait to see the movie about her whenever it comes out! and yes, i'm going to try to randomly bring up how i "know" the pioneer woman into as many convo's as i can!




  1. Oh yeahhhh! I saw that she was going to be around here. That's pretty awesome that you got to meet her! [BTW, this is your SIL not your sleep-commenting self.]

  2. I'm so jealous! I was also mad that the real Blind Side mom was at OU the other night and I missed that too!