Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Rewind Part 2

We were on the road by 10 with a Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee in one hand and a Chicken Egg and Cheese Bagel in the other. What can I say, i run so i can eat!!

We got to the campsite, Cedar Hill State Park, about 1ish. My main goal was to get to the site before Sarah and Mike put up their tent. I was pretty sure it would be good entertainment.

sidenote: Ethan got croup on Friday. But the dr. said since it's in his vocal cords and not his lungs, the air and campfire wouldn't bother him. He did sound like an 84 year old emphyzema patient when he breathed, but he was in good spirits pretty much the whole time.

Remember how i said i wanted to rough it??? CLEARLY the memo was missed on the other members of my family.

(yes, that is a fold up table that my parents brought, and i'm pretty sure there were at least 6 coolers, and that is not an exaggeration my friends)

yes, that is a coffee pot. While i was SO grateful to have it on Sunday morning, really???

Not only were we celebrating family time while camping, we celebrated Ethan's 2nd birthday a little early, bc this is the only time we'll be all together for a while.(my mom makes all kinds of cakes)

the boys eating cake:

sidenote: Ethan got a recycling truck that plays music and counts. ALL weekend i had the song in my head

"Not everything is garbage, think before you throw.
If it can be recyled then in the truck it goes!"

Sarah and Mike bought an 8 man tent for their little family of 4. I told them it was just a good excuse to have more kids. Turns out Mike actually was a pretty experienced camper...so no funny stories about the tent :(

Our tent!!!

mom and dads....

Random pics from the day:

 We all went for a walk while Ethan and mom napped. i love this pic!!

the men:

Sarah and I took pics of us on the big log by the lake. someone made a joke that it looked like engagement pics. so i went with it.

Joe Pool Lake:

i taught him this.

another good one (i'm such a sucker for these feel good pics)

After the walk we headed back for some ladder golf, food, Catchphrase, and more food.

Stay tuned ya'll!



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  1. So much fun, and I enjoyed all your pics! Let's go for 2 nights in the Spring, maybe Waxahachie?