Friday, November 19, 2010


I have SO much to catch ya'll up on. Nothing life changing, just the normal details of our lives :)

Last Saturday we drove to Tulsa for 2 nights to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. I had never been to Tulsa, and was pretty excited. Here is the view from our hotel...LOVE the fall colors!!
One of my fave things about the weekend was how beautiful it was. There were so many trees and they were all changing colors, the weather was just cool enough, but not too cold, and it felt so great to be outside!

It's funny to look at this first pic of when we got there and how tired we looked and felt, compared to how refreshed we felt at the end of the weekend.

We shopped around Utica Square, which has a lot of cute shops. It was a nice cool autumn day and made everything just cozier and cuter! We'd been saving up for this trip, so we each got a little extra spending money! I got a cute top from the GAP, and will probably wear it too much, ha!

We decided to get all gussied up for a really nice dinner out. Technically our anniversary was on Sunday, but it worked out better to really celebrate on Saturday.

I love wearing my hair curly, i wish i had the time to do it more often.

It's so fun to get ready for a night out!! At home, i make Daniel leave our bedroom so i can feel like i'm actually getting ready for him, which involves a lot of "close your eyes!" as i'm running around our apartment.

We went to Polo Grill, which i would TOTALLY recommend if you're in the area. We had not only great food, romantic atmosphere, but by far the best service i've probably ever had. Since we were splurging we go appetizers and desserts! The pics aren't great, but oh well!

Some type of prosciutto flatbread.....

We both ordered salmon...

DESSERT!!!! it was called fudge, but it was more like a crackly hard moist brownie thing that i would give my right arm to eat again!


a lovely night...

disclaimer: we did not sit next to each other for the meal, daniel moved next to me for the picture. I think it's weird when people sit on the same do you talk??

We suckered a lot of people into taking our pic...

Stay tuned....tomorrow is the zoo, rockclimibing, and more food!



  1. You look HOTT!!!! I love that dress! What a fun night! Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary! You look amazing, and so does the food. I am hungry now. :)