Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Rewind Part 3

ok, where were we???

So we had just finished with our walk, which ended up being one my favorite things from the camping trip. It was a beautiful day!!

We came back and played Ladder Golf. I've heard of Ladder Golf having different names, but that's what we call it.

Just look at that form!!

(yes, that is Ethan's little potty next to me)

You  throw these strings with 2 golf balls attached and try to get it on one of the rungs on this makeshift ladder. you can play against 1 other person or in pairs. quality time let me tell ya. We had to be quick when we played bc Ethan kept stealing the balls and running away with them.

Grant having his story time. I think it was Bernstein Bears go to Camp....very appropriate.

Then all the adults played Catchphrase. I really brought this game for my own entertainment. Both my parents had a hard time not acting it out. It was so much fun!

I don't think anyone has more camo than my dad. (he's actually sitting in his deer blind as i type this)

For dinner we roasted hot dogs and hamburgers, with beans, potato salad, chips, and halloween candy.

Then of course we went all traditional with Smores. yes, Sandlot was quoted a few times.

it was quite the romantical night.....

cute Ethan....

We all woke up the next morning about 6:30. Daniel and i slept great!! We were warm and comfy in our sleeping bags. Everyone else who brought air matresses and blankets were jealous.


i think this is his "too cool for school" face, ha!

Ethan lounging around while everyone else makes breakfast, sheesh, you think he'd at least offer to help!

speaking of breakfast....we had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and made breakfast burritos.

sweet pants Sarah.

what i love about this picture is the look on sarah's face. i can almost guarantee you she's watching one of the boys and about to correct them for something they're doing.

After breakfast we played a little more ladder golf then hit the road. And by that i mean, Daniel and I drove to REI and slobbered our way through lusting after everything in the store. I tried not to get too close to anyone, bc we reaked!!!!

and that is the First Annual Grant Family Camping Trip. I will leave ya'll with this......




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  1. 2 things- Grant last picture is so classic! Secondly- You need to remove my pants picture little Missy! :)