Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughts on life....

Just a few random thoughts that have been going thru my mind recently.....

I've always heard how time seems to go by so fast the older you get. I am feeling this right now. I remember being busy in college and even after, but never felt like time was slipping thru my fingers.
We're pretty busy in our lives right now, and we don't even have kids yet! ( i know some moms out there are laughing at me right now, thats ok).

But i want time to slow down a little. I want to experience the fall season, the nights of listening to Christmas music, baking for hours, playing games with the fam and sharing stories, taking a walk around the nieghborhood.

I want to experience these things and not be rushed to move on to what's next. The next weekend, the next get to gether, the next whatever. I want to rest in the moments that are here. And i feel like i'm letting wonderful things sail on past me without taking them for all they're worth.

make sense?? anyone with me??

random thoughts on kids:

we want children. we are happy that we don't have any right now. I was praying this morning and genuinely being thankful that we don't have children yet. I love my time with Daniel. I love that we can travel  and are really flexible with our schedule.
i know that whenever we do have children, our lives will completely change. Not worse or anything, just change.

I have moments of thinking i could wait a few years before having kids. Then i see sites like these and can hardly wait for children. :)  I seriously have to hold myself back from buying cute things that i see.

Someday. But thankful that someday is not yet and enjoying the time while we wait.



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  1. Time does go by faster as you get older! I think it is perfectly normal to be thankful you don't have children. They are great but so is really getting to know your husband!

    Thanks again for the info. today about the training!