Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy ONE Year Anniversary!!!

A year ago, yesterday I married my best friend. We were married November 14th in Cedar Hill, TX.

I was thankful that we had perfect sunny weather that Saturday. And were blessed with so many great friends standing beside us.

The first year was A LOT easier than we both thought it was going to be. I know we are going to have hard times, but am so thankful that our first year was so great! Part of the reason (we think), is that we didn't let ourselves get too busy the first several months. i have no problem saying "no" to people. :) We spent so much of our time with one another, learning about one another, and making our marriage a priority. I think it definitely paid off. Now if every year from here on out can be as great as this last one, we'll be in good shape :)

We enjoyed the weekend away and are now back in the 'real world.'  I'm so thankful for our marriage, for Daniel, and for this stage of our lives. It's been better than i could have ever imagined!



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  1. Your wedding was not only beautiful but JOYOUS! I was blessed to see such a meaningful ceremony so full of love for one another and for Him. Happy Anniversary sweet girl!!!